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DCFYI Orientation
Tuesday, July 13

Learn more or take the next step to being a mentor, weekend host parent, adoptive parent, or event driver.

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DCFYI is seeking volunteers to serve on our Fundraising committee.


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Your support means more teens in foster care will have lifelong connections with caring adults and find adoptive families.

Connecting teens, creating families, changing lives

One reason youth need family

If you own a car you plan for the known expenses (insurance, gas, maintenance) and ideally save money for the unexpected.

Paying for a car repair is something we know we will have to do. Unless you don't have the money.

A DCFYIer is the proud new owner of a (very used) vehicle. Owning a car allowed him to take a job he could not otherwise get to (two hours each way on public transportation with a work shift that ends after train and much bus service has ended for the night). This is a first real job and he is so excited and proud - and doing a good job.

He had only been working a few weeks when the car needed a repair he could not afford (but which the repair shop went ahead and did anyhow). Suddenly he had no car and no way to get to work.

For many DCFYI youth, this follows what they see as a common pattern - they are doing what they should, things seem to be going well, and then the rug gets pulled out from under them. It's why many don't get their hopes up when good things happen and hold their breath waiting for the bad that will inevitably follow.

We are so grateful to everyone whose support allowed us to create our Fund for Critical Needs, so we could cover expenses just like this one. We were quickly able to get him the funds and he was able to pay the bill, get his car back, and not miss another day of work. (He also picked up extra shifts to make up for the days he did miss.)

He is grateful beyond words. So are we. Thank you for being part of his and DCFYI's village,

Upcoming Events

Game Day!
Saturday July 17,12-2 PM
Test your skills as we gather outdoors to play board and card games.

Photography Workshop
Saturday August 7, 12-2 PM
Have fun with teens while learning new photography skills.

As DCFYI continues to slowly open up and being mindful of ongoing covid-related concerns, we are keeping event attendance low and prioritizing unmatched teens and adults. Please contact Chanelle for information and to register for events.

Events are on the DCFYI website calendar.

We're Hiring

Family & Youth Initiative is expanding our programming to better meet the needs of young people who have aged out of foster care. We are adding a service delivery model that will wrap more people and support around each participating youth.

We will share detailed program information separately.

For now, we want everyone to know we are hiring - a part-time Program Coordinator who will drive the success of this new program. We are looking for an individual who has a clinical background, understands the impact of childhood trauma, and knows how to recruit, train, and support volunteers.

Please help us spread the word.

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Thank you to everyone who bought household goods to assist a DCFYI youth transition out of foster care and into her first apartment. This is both an exciting and challenging milestone and we are so grateful for the many generous friends who make these transitions a little easier for our young people.

Join Us! 

Our annual Establishing Roots fundraising reception will be Wednesday, October 13, 6:30-9 PM. We are looking forward to being in person at the Eastern Market North Hall again this year!

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