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Learn more or take the first step toward being a mentor, host parent, or adoptive parent at DCFYI program orientation. Please check the website calendar for the date of the January orientation and to RSVP.


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Did you see Portrait of Adoption's 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days? Many perspectives written by people with varying adoption experiences.

Two stories about adoptive dads - reminder both that single people make great adoptive parents and that agencies are more open to single men adopting. (Note that the dad in the second article started fostering at 21!)

Adoption and the Single Guy.

Former foster child adopts three boys: 'I'm the Father I Wish I Had Growing Up'

One of many feel-good Adoption Day stories: ‘How many kids my age get adopted nowadays?’

My Shero - blog post from one of our favorite bloggers AdoptiveBlackMom.

Playing by the Rules After Breaking Them in Foster Care

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Thank you for making them possible

I have been going through photos of the past year with the idea of doing a slide show at the holiday party Saturday.

By conservative estimate we must have close to 2,000 photos - memories of twenty plus events held since January: playing all kinds of sports and games, flying kites, celebrating birthdays, cooking, thinking about the future, learning new skills. There isn't much we have not done this year (except horseback riding; some of the teens are pushing to ride again next year).

Those of you who have come to our annual birthday party know that one of the presents every teen receives is a photo album of their pictures from the previous year. These are treasured gifts that DCFYI teens hang on to.

Due to privacy and confidentiality restrictions we cannot share pictures widely but if we could you would see the kaleidoscope of DCFYI - teens and adults having fun, sharing experiences, sometimes conquering fears, and building relationships.

We thank you for your support that make these opportunities and relationships possible.

With best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a great start to a new year full of family, fun, and memory-making activities,

Program Events

We slow down a bit after this weekend but pick up again in January:

  • Gingerbread house & holiday party, Saturday December 9;
  • George Washington basketball game, Saturday January 6.

Information on those and other events on the website calendar. Please RSVP for all events there.

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you

To everyone who contributed to our Giving Tuesday campaign and to everyone who has supported DCFYI this year, whether giving of your time and/or financial support.

And to everyone who is helping us fulfill DCFYI teens' wish lists for the holiday party!

Support DCFYI

What does a donation to DCFYI mean?

Best friends - "all the people I trust are people I have gotten to know through DCFYI"

Activities that build self-confidence - "I really had fun; I was scared but it was a good experience"

Adults who change the lives of teens - "People weren't looking for a teenager to become their lifelong connection, well that's what I thought until DCFYI."

Your support makes this possible.

Thank you.

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