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DCFYI Orientation Tuesday, January 11

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Watch DC's annual Adoption Day celebration video.

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A reminder for the rest of us

Way back when (a long six months ago) as vaccines were rolling out and covid numbers going down, we thought we would hold program events outdoors through the fall and begin to come back inside over the winter when it would be safe again.

Needless to say that's not where we are now so we will continue to hold our events outdoors for the foreseeable future. We are wondering how we will work around unpredictable winter weather and, like everyone else, frustrated that life has not returned to "normal" yet.

And then I am reminded that most of us retain control over many aspects of our lives despite the vicissitudes of a pandemic. Children in foster care do not.

Too many children in foster care wake up on edge daily ,wondering what unexpected change the day will bring. Some adults with lived experience talk about how long it took to lose the feeling of never being sure they would go to bed at night in the same bed they woke up in that morning.

The pandemic gives the rest of us a small window into what it's like to live with that kind of uncertainty. And a reminder of why helping teens who are in foster care find permanency is so critically important.

Maybe you know someone who is interested in learning more; maybe you know someone who might be interested in adopting a teen. Now would be the perfect time to tell them about DCFYI and invite them to join us!

Thank you for all you do and here's to a safer 2022 for all of us,

Upcoming Events

Holiday Party
Outside for the first time ever (so no gingerbread houses but we will have plenty of other activities).

Saturday, December 11th.

Register here

For now, we are continuing with outdoor events. We are watching covid numbers and vaccination rates to determine when we can safely return to indoor events.

Events are on the DCFYI website calendar.

A Birthday Book Drive Thank You!

A while back we asked for helping replenishing our book supply. (We send every DCFYIer a book and card for their actual birthday, in addition to celebrating everyone at the annual all-youth birthday party.)

We were blown away by the response, but not surprised because we know we have THE most generous friends. We are so grateful to East City Bookshop for hosting the book drive and helping curate our list and to all of you who donated.

As you can see, we are well-stocked for upcoming birthdays. Thank you!!

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