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DCFYI Orientation Tuesday, April 12

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Recording of DC Council Committee on Human Services, Child and Family Services Agency oversight hearing.

Budget Oversight will be on Thursday March 24.

Homelessness and Aging Out of Foster Care: A National Comparison of Child Welfare-Involved Adolescents.

42 Aging Out of foster care statistics.

New York City will stop collecting Social Security money from children in foster care

Introducing: DC Futures. D.C. launches tuition program for degrees in high-demand fields.

When a sudden, small expense threatens an entire college career.


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Your support means more teens in foster care will have lifelong connections with caring adults and find adoptive families.

Connecting teens, creating families, changing lives


A few weeks ago I saw a quote I wish I had written down. It could apply now or just as much for any of the past two years. The gist was when bad things are swirling around you, the best you can do is double down on doing good and making things better where you are.

The actual quote was stated much more artfully than that. But my immediate thought when I read it was the Family & Youth Initiative community. Every day I am reminded of how you change lives for the better. 

Some of those ways seem small (passing along donated kitchenware to a young person setting up a first apartment) or huge (using your generous donations to fund temporary housing for a young person who has aged out of foster care and is not yet financially stable). 

All of them add up and give a clear signal to young people that this community isn't going anywhere and can be counted on - to listen, offer ideas or support when needed, celebrate successes, and grieve losses.

We can't end the pandemic or bring world peace and we don't know what the next months will bring. But the reality is that life is in general always more challenging for young people in and aging out of foster care. And the relationships built in the DCFYI community will continue to matter - to those young people and to the rest of us as well. Life is richer because we are connected.

Whether you are a mentor, host parent, adoptive parent, Open Table volunteer, committed community member, donor, board member, committee or program volunteer or still figuring out how you fit in, we thank you. This wonderful, supportive community would not exist without you,

Upcoming Events

Zoo Scavenger Hunt - Saturday March 26thWalking Tour - Saturday April 9th 

All events continue to be outdoors for now.

We continue to watch covid numbers (and new variants) and vaccination rates to determine if any event should be canceled and when we can safely return to indoor events. We are keeping our fingers crossed and building a full schedule of events for the rest of the year.

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