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DCFYI Orientation Monday, September 19

Learn more or take the next step to being a mentor, weekend host parent, adoptive parent, or event driver.

Open Table Info Session 
Wednesday, July 20

Training for the next group of Open Table volunteers starts soon. Don't miss out!

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To the Giving Square's Kids for Kids Fund and the two elementary school classes who chose DCFYI as the recipient of their giving. So much fun to meet the students, answer their insightful questions, and hear what they've learned about philanthropy!

Thank you also to the friend who introduced DCFYI to the Giving Square!


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Connecting teens, creating families, changing lives

That you help youth surmount


Often (twice in the last two weeks), DCFYI staff or volunteers have a conversation with a young person that goes something like this: "I got a great job offer but I can't take the job because I can't afford [some item required for the job]."

Listening to the youth, you would think the needed item was insurmountably expensive. And then it turns out to be an item that costs relatively little (sometimes under $100). The truth is can be both - insurmountably expensive and also cheap (especially valued against the benefit of having the new job).

Unless you already have money, the costs associated with a new job (uniforms, transportation) can be prohibitive.

Based on their foster care experience, many youth conclude that they have to fend for themselves. It doesn't occur to them that maybe someone can - and will - help.

That makes us deeply grateful that we can - because youth have developed a trusting relationship with a DCFYI adult they feel safe sharing their disappointment about a job. And because of generous friends like you, we have the funds (in our Fund for Critical Youth Needs) to cover the cost of whatever will allow them to start that new job. 

For want of steel-toed boots, a job should not be lost.

Thank you for ensuring DCFYI youth have this support,

Upcoming Events

Game Day - Saturday, July 16

We continue to hold all events outdoors for now as we watch covid numbers (and new variants) and vaccination rates. We will cancel an event should conditions warrant and look forward to when we can safely return to indoor events.

Events are on the DCFYI website calendar, where you can RSVP.

Volunteer Get Together

Want to get to know other DCFYI volunteers and have an opportunity to talk more (and more than at the& program events)?

Join us for a casual get together - and Light Bites & Drinks - at the Capitol Hill home of a DCFYI volunteer.

Sunday, July 24.

RSVP from the website calendar.

Establishing Roots!

Have you marked your calendar?

Family & Youth Initiative's Establishing Roots fundraiser is Wednesday October 12th. It's a fun evening of food and drink, a silent auction, and the highlight of the evening - hearing from a DCFYI youth and volunteer!

Plan to join us in the North Hall of historic Eastern Market.

As we plan for this year's fundraiser we would love your help. If events are your thing, consider joining the Establishing Roots committee. Reach out and we'll connect you!

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