When I first got involved and went through the mentor training, I heard numerous times that DCFYI is like a family. As I grow closer with those involved in the program, I couldn’t agree more. I always look forward to weekend events and getting to see the teens and other adults. DCFYI is the community and the family that I have missed for many years living in a busy city.

One thing that struck me about the program is how relationships are formed organically and over time. Mentors and mentees are not matched right away but they get to know each other and relationships are formed through interactions at events. I have been blessed to get to know many teens and I am lucky enough to be a mentor now.

I’ve had a blast with my mentee and the FYI family while participating in activities like ropes climbing, hiking, bowling and preparing meals together. Not only do I get to spend time with remarkable teens and adults but I also get to have some pretty amazing adventures with them!