Holiday Gift Giving!

What is the Holiday Gift Drive?

Every year, Family & Youth Initiative collects holiday gifts for teens and young adults who are in or have aged out of foster care. For some of our young people, these are the only gifts they will receive.  Please review the following information before committing to fulfill a wish list.

How much should I expect to spend on a teen?

We have a loose gift cap of $150 for all items a young person receives. Teens have prioritized their wish lists. Some only want one item; others have long lists. We ask that you buy gifts in the order listed up to the $150 gift cap.

I’m interested but thats more than I can spend; can I still participate?

Absolutely. We can split a young person’s wish list between you and someone else. Please complete the holiday giving form and indicate that you would like to share a wish list. 

Can I request a specific teen or gender to shop for?

Yes, we’ll make every effort to match you with your preference. Please complete the holiday giving form and indicate the young person whose gifts you would like to purchase and if you have a gender preference.

I'm in! I'd like to fulfill a teen's wish list. What's next?

Please complete the holiday giving form and return it by November 16. You will then receive your young person’s wish list by November 20

How do I get the gifts to my young person?

We are hoping to have small, outdoor, socially distanced holiday parties (with heaters!) for limited groups of active volunteers and young people in mid-December. If you attend one of these parties, you could bring your wrapped gifts to the party. More information about date and location will be sent to active volunteers soon.  

Alternatively, please drop off your wrapped gifts at the DCFYI office (515 M Street, Suite 217, Washington, DC, 20003) on December 7 or 9 between 10am-3pm, or by appointment.

If you are not attending a party, gifts must be received no later than Dec. 10.

Can I ship my young persons gifts?

Gifts can be shipped to our office (515 M Street, Suite 217, Washington, DC, 20003) but please send us the tracking information so we know to expect the packages. For high value items, please contact Julie before shipping.

Questions? Contact Julie. Thank you!