Engage with Teens

If you’re looking to spend time and build a relationship with a teen, consider becoming a mentor, committed community member, host parent, or adopting a teen.

Event Driver

Drivers help transport DCFYI teens to weekend events. Having enough drivers is the only way we are able to ensure all teens who want to can participate with us.

Driving is fun, a great way to volunteer if you can’t commit to mentoring or hosting, and will allow you to get to know individual teens better!


Volunteer to photograph one (or more) DCFYI event. We use event photographs to document our activities and to create the photo albums we give every teen at the annual birthday party. Teens love the photos albums. We love that the photos are professional quality.

Plan or Host a Program Event

Let your creative juices flow as you plan an activity that teens and adults will love (fyi, we can be very competitive so anything game-like would be a hit with us). Doing an event is a great way to meet some of the DCFYI teens and volunteers and see how the program works. Invite friends to help you and that means more adults who will get to meet the DCFYI teens!

Events may include small get-togethers (games, crafts, cooking) for teens and adults (usually around 10 people total) held in someone’s home or other setting an individual makes available to us.

One example: a "Pamper Party" - an opportunity for some teens and adults to learn about skin care and entrepreneurship and have some fun. The host would provide space in their home (dining room table maybe) for the activity and also provide refreshments.

Create a Birthday Fundraiser

Want to make your special day meaningful? Pledge your birthday and create a DCFYI fundraising page through Facebook. This is a great way to celebrate with friends and family, all while enabling teens in foster care to make meaningful relationships with adults.

Help with DCFYI's Annual Fundraiser

Time limited volunteer role and critical to DCFYI's continued existence - join the committee for our annual Establishing Roots fundraiser. We promise not a lot of committee meetings, just some hard work and feeling of accomplishment at the end of a successful evening!

Serve on a DCFYI Committee

We're looking for individuals 21 or older to join Board committees; this is a great way to have a role in making DCFYI a better, stronger organization. Committees that include non-Board members are: board development, communications, finance, and fundraising.

If you're interested in any of these opportunities or would like to learn more, please contact us. Thank you!