Family & Youth Initiative's (DCFYI) mission is to create community and lasting relationships for teens and young adults in foster care. Our community-based programming includes events that bring together teens and caring adults so they can get to know each other. Relationships that start at these events lead to adult-teen matches for mentoring, host parenting, and adoption. Our mentors and host parents support youth as they explore and start post-secondary education and/or careers and develop the social and emotional skills and self-confidence needed to lead productive, self-sufficient adult lives.

DCFYI is looking for Committed Community Members who will help build support for participating youth. DCFYI youth often talk about how much they value the support of the full DCFYI community (we do, too!). Committed Community Members are a type of extended family, wrapping community and support around teens. All teens need lots of caring adults in their lives!

  1. You believe every young person deserves lifelong family support
  2. You can relate to people from a wide range of backgrounds
  3. You are enthusiastic and looking to commit to a different kind of relationship
  4. Sincerity and patience
  5. Excellent listening skills and confidence in talking to people both in groups and one on one
  • Become and active member of the DCFYI community
    • Commit to attending at least eight DCFYI events over a one-year period
    • Once trained and cleared, help transport teens to and from events
    • Use events as an opportunity to get to know other volunteers and youth
  • Build a relationship with an individual teen (or more)
    • Participate in their celebrations and extracirricular activities (birthday or graduation parties, etc.)
    • Once cleared, be open to ongoing contact with the teen outside of group events (phone, text, or in person)
    • Be open to this becoming a long term, extended family-type relationship
    • As possible, support the youth in achieving goals (school, work, etc.) 
  • Be a resource
    • Welcome new volunteers and youth to the DCYFI community and encourage their active pariticipation
    • Learn about community (and child welfare) resources that could help youth achieve goals or develop skills

Do you have what it takes? 

Committed Community Members will attend ;at least eight DCFYI events over a one-year period. Once trained and cleared, you will help transport teens to and from events, and be open to ongoing contact with the teen(s) you have built a relationship with. 

While you are in process to become a Committed Community Member, attend Family & Youth Initiative events so you can get to know participating teens and be ready to be matched once you’ve completed the required steps.

Steps to becoming a Committed Community Member: