Are you a business, community group, or place of worship that believes in the power of community and the importance of family?

Do you want to have an impact not just today but for the lifetimes of the youth we serve?

Consider becoming a DCFYI Partner.

Some organizational partners sponsor one or more Family & Youth Initiative program events a year. The organization can plan and fund or simply fund an activity we have planned. They share information with employees or members and invite those individuals to attend the event, meet DCFYI participants, and learn more about what we do.

Other organizational partners support our work through sponsorship of a DCFYI fundraising event. 

The support of organizational partners is invaluable - helping us offer activities we could not otherwise afford and helping us reach people who otherwise would not know about us or teens who need adoptive families and other caring adults in their lives.

We will acknowledge your support of the sponsored event on the event flyer and in our electronic newsletter. We will also add your organization name to the DCFYI website partner page.

Contact us to learn more.