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In this episode of the DCFYI Digest, we sat down with Christen Overstreet to hear how her role at Congressional Federal Credit Union has allowed her to bond with the DCFYI community.

DCFYI: Can you introduce yourself and share how you found out about DCFYI?

Christen: My name is Christen Overstreet and I am a Business Development Manager at Congressional Federal Credit Union. I was introduced to DCFYI because it was my first community as well as SEC event group (SEC stands for Select Employee Group). So, because of my partnership and my employment with Congressional Federal Credit Union, that's how I was introduced to DCFYI.

DCFYI: How did you first hear about Establishing Roots?

Christen: I first heard about the fundraiser, Establishing Roots, when I was introduced to Susan. We had a financial educational seminar that we were providing to DCFYI staff and program attendees. And so, it was upon my introduction and meeting with Susan back in October of 2017, that's when I first heard about the Establishing Roots fundraiser.

DCFYI: What would you say the fundraiser means to you?

Christen: Just putting it in just a couple of words, I would have to say the fundraiser means awareness as well as a lot to do with connection. I think the final word that I would have to say is legacy. With awareness, I was not aware of DCFYI before I moved here to the DMV area, so I became more aware of who DCFYI was and the wonderful work that Susan was doing by my partnership and working with Congressional Federal Credit Union. The connection is nothing like I've ever seen before. DCFYI is a family. When I was able to be introduced to program attendees, it was amazing. And the connections that you build in that time is bar next to none. Then the legacy, just Susan has created such an amazing organization that has allowed the staff as well as the people who attend, myself as a sponsor and a volunteer, to really understand how important it is that we work with programs like DCFYI that give back to the community and supports their motto of family and the Congressional Federal Credit Union motto of people helping people.

DCFYI: When was the first time you attended the event?

Christen: I started back in 2017 with Congressional and I had just missed the event my first year. So, the following year in 2018 is when I first got to attend the event and it was awesome. Like the event was awesome, meeting the people that were a part of it, the board, as well of being introduced to more staff. It is an event of the year that we definitely look forward to. All of my colleagues at Congressional definitely want to come and the amount of tickets we get every year, we're just like, okay, who's going? So, I'm glad I am.

DCFYI: Do you have a favorite part of the event?

Christen: I think my favorite part of attending the Establishing Roots fundraiser event is really hearing from the program attendees, some of the stories that you hear you are just blown away by or things that they've overcome, as well as the partnerships and the connections that they've made and the resources that DCFYI provides. I think my favorite part each year outside of the food, because I'm a big foodie, is just really interacting with the program attendees and hearing their stories and hearing how much of a difference it makes in their lives and the family and relationships that are created.

DCFYI: Do you have a favorite year of attendance and if so, why?

Christen: My favorite year of attendance would have to be the 2018 year because I was green to DCFYI. Within that year I met some of the program attendees and really began to understand the groundwork that was being put in by not just the staff, but also the community. How they were so involved with making sure that there was opportunities and resources and mentorship available. With my job in financial education, Susan want to make sure that all the staff as well as the people involved understood that finance is also a big part of that. And so, 2018 was my best year in attending because I got to understand what it was about and then share the joys of being a part of such an amazing event that was put on each year and then to top it off, I got to have my picture featured on the postcard that they sent out for the following year to thank all the sponsors.

DCFYI: If someone was wondering if they should come to the Establishing Roots, how would you convince them to attend?

Christen: I would say definitely come. I used the word legacy before because what you want to do in giving back and working in the community is you want to find somewhere where the camaraderie and the people surrounding that project are passionate. And this is it. Like, this is you’ll go because you will hear about some wonderful stories. You will eat some amazing food from some of the businesses out here in the DC area. So, you'll go for that, but you'll stay for the legacy that that has been created by Susan and the staff and the board and the people who continue to give back each and every year. So you'll go for all those wonderful things, but you'll stay for the legacy because you'll want to be a part of such a great organization as DCFYI. It's a family. You’ll come back, and you'll meet people that you've seen in years past or the year before and see how they're growing and they're changing. I know the first program attendee that I met, she was amazing. She knew that it was my first year with Congressional. I shared that with her and so she kind of gave me the rundown of all the people who are involved in the program, the program attendees, and the staff. She literally mentored me through that process of meeting and introducing everyone. So, it became like a family because each year I go back and see her, and it makes me really happy to be a part of it.

DCFYI: Do have any other words you want to share about Establishing Roots?

Christen: I just recommend that if there is anyone who is wanting to give back and to be a part of something bigger than themselves, then DCFYI is the organization for you. Sponsorship, you give a little bit; you help people and it's just an amazing organization to give to and sponsor. Congressional Federal is a proud sponsor of the DCFYI Establishing Roots fundraiser and we look forward to doing it again this year.

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Christen (on left) with CFCU colleagues at 2022 Establishing Roots

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