DCFYI Documentary Wins Film Festival!

DCFYI was truly blessed this past weekend to be one of Stone Soup Films' Doc in a Day mini-documentary subjects.  We were selected a while ago. The filming happened Saturday, with the videographers/documentarians spending time at the Barracks Row Festival, where DCFYI had a booth, and at an event afterwards with our teens.  Executive Director Susan Punnett spoke about the program and the teens, as did long-time volunteer, mentor, and host parent Sarah Buckbee, and an adoptive mom: me!  But the stars of the film were clearly the teens - their smiles, their candid testimonials, their warmth, their words of appreciation. Though the documentary is just 3 minutes long, we all felt it really captured what DCFYI is all about.  And even more gratifying: the DCFYI feature won Stone Soup's Doc-in-a-Day contest!  

We really hope you'll take a moment (well, actually 3 minutes) to watch and learn what DCFYI is all about, and how amazing our teens are!

Shout out to Dominique, Marquis and Keke: you spoke your truth and by doing so are already giving back!  And thanks to all the volunteers and other teens who were filmed and contributed to an award-winning mini-documentary about our amazing organization!  In so many ways, this film -- like DCFYI itself -- is something we can all be very proud of.

Documentary tells the story of DCFYI

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