DCFYI Program Events

In March of 2020, the coronavirus changed the way we have been able to interact with each other. DCFYI misses your bright smiles, laughter and energy. We are excited to be re-starting small events while we can be outside.

Our goal is to hold at least one in-person event and one virtual event every month through the fall.

In order to host the safest events as possible, we have created these event guidelines:

Small group events only with priority for new teens and adults who are not yet matched with a teen.

  1. Attendees must confirm that they do not pose a risk to others 
    1. Must not have tested positive, be waiting for test results, or traveled within prior 14 days to a high-risk state as defined by the DC Health Department 
    2. Must not exhibit COVID19 symptoms (fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc.) 
    3. Have not eaten in a restaurant or attended any indoor event that did not require mask compliance
  2. Participants are required to wear mask for the duration of the event 
    1. Participants will be allowed to take mask off when eating and drinking
  3. Social distance measures will be followed 
    1. Participants must maintain a safe distance from other participants 
    2. Participants should try and maintain a 6ft distance from each other 
  4. Extensive cleaning and sanitation measures must be taken before, during and after events 
    1. Provide sanitizer or hand washing station 
    2. Staff and participants will wipe down materials after usage 
  5. No potluck type food will be allowed. All food items must be individually packaged 
    1. In the event of food needing to be served, appointed servers will make plates for participants. 
    2. Servers are required to wear personal protective equipment

Events will be posted on the website calendar but without locations.

Registration will be via phone or email only. Please contact Chanelle [Chanelle at dcfyi.org] if you have questions or would like to be included in upcoming events.

Thank you!

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