Diamond wants a family

Diamond recently aged out of foster care and now realizes that even though she is legally an adult she really wants to be adopted.

In her own words, Diamond is "very outgoing, open minded, lovable, and has strong opinions." She loves music, animals, and young children and hopes to find a job in a daycare center.

Diamond is looking for a family that will give her what she feels she missed in her years in foster care: family game nights, being accepted as a full member of a family (no different from any other child in the family), and eating dinner together with everyone talking about their day. (Diamond does love to talk!)

Diamond wants to travel and hopes to attend college. She is also working on being a healthy eater. These are all dreams she is more likely to fulfill if she has the support of a forever family.

Do you know someone who might want to meet Diamond or consider adding her to their family? If so, please let us know!

Would you help us find a family for Diamond by sharing this information?

We welcome prospective adoptive families, host families, and mentors to join us for Family & Youth Initiative activities to get to know the teens and see if becoming involved with us and the teens is right for them. There are many other teens in DC foster care who also need mentors, host families, and adoptive families. Diamond is not the only one!

Will you help us help each of them, including Diamond, find the adults they need in their lives?

Thank you.


You are never too old for adoption!

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