Do you know?

If you follow DCFYI on social media (Twitter or Facebook), you have seen our National Foster Care Month "Do You Know" campaign on famous adults who were in foster care as children. (If you're not on social media and would like to see some of the profiles, email Alanna and she can share with you.)

One of the challenges programs​ like ours face is the secrecy surrounding foster​ care. Fortunately some of that is being dismantled by foster care "alumni" who are organizing and speaking out.

But the reality remains that most adults assume (probably incorrectly) that they don't know anyone who was in foster care. So people are surprised when they learn that an adult they know or know of was in care as a child.

We hope our campaign will be a small part of breaking the silence and making clear that foster children (and foster care alumni) are all around us and an integral part of our communities.

Happy National Foster Care Month.

National Foster Care Month

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