Faces of Foster Care

We have finished reading Faces of Foster Care which was written by DCFYI board member Lisa Aguirre. Lisa's book is a series of profiles of people she interviewed; most are adults who were in foster care. (The others are adoptive parents or child welfare professionals.)

The result is a range of stories - about aspects of being in foster care and/or life after care. Collectively, they are a reminder not to generalize about children in foster care because there is no one size fits all description of who they are.

More broadly, Lisa's hope (and ours) is that the book will raise awareness about children in foster care and encourage others to get involved. At DCFYI we believe that not enough people know that there are teens in care who want adult support and adoptive families and that raising awareness means more teens could have adults in their lives.

I hope you will read the book and share with others.

One excerpt that resonated strongly given the work we do at DCFYI:

Although I am put together now, I aged out of foster care a mess and have overcome a lot. There was a whole, I would say, five to ten years of my life where there was a lot of trial and error, there were some successes and failures. After all of that, I have come to realize that every child needs a place to call home. For a long time I rejected having a family because I was so angry. You know, hate is a strong word, but I hated the word family, because there was nothing good about it to me. As I got older, though, I realized that I didn’t really hate families, I hated that I never had a family, and I hated that I had this deep need to be totally independent because of all that I had been through. What I didn’t realize until I got older is that family not only keeps you from being alone, it provides the support you need to be truly independent, too. You can have both within a safe family.

Read the book to learn how Schylar got his family

We thank Lisa both for writing the book and for generously sharing proceeds with Family & Youth Initiative,

Messages of Hope, Hurt and Truth

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