Guilty Pleasures

Pehaps you don't consider online shopping a pleasure (or one you should hide). Maybe Cyber Monday shopping isn't taking you away from what you are supposed to be doing today. Maybe you are not doing any Cyber Monday shopping.

But if you are, would you consider sharing some of the pleasure part with us?

Family and Youth Initiative is registered with two shopping "portals." If you shop through them, we receive a small donation when you make qualifying purchases. Multiplied by many purchases (whether on Cyber Monday or any other day) and many supporters, those small donations add up. So the few minutes it takes you to register means DCFYI will have funding to help another teen in foster care find a family.


Hundreds(?) of online stores. You can start your shopping at iGive or download the iGive button and when you shop at participating stores from that browser, DCFYI will automatically receive a small donation.
amazonsmile Sign up at, designate Family and Youth Initiative as your charitable organization and every time you shop Amazon by starting at, DCFYI will receive a small donation.

Thank you and happy shopping!

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