Holiday gift giving

Every December, the DCFYI community comes together for a holiday party. This is both one of our regular monthly events and also bigger than many of our other events. We decorate gingerbread houses, play games, share a meal, and give every DCFYI youth gifts. Some gifts come from the wishlist they each provide. 

We set a cap on gifts of $150, meaning we do not include any items that would cost more than $150 and spending for youth who ask for multiple things is capped at that amount [e.g., they won’t get everything on their list]. We also have (smaller) wish lists for the children of participating youth who are parents.

Gifts can be brought to the holiday party on December 16 or to the DCFYI office no later than December 12.

Full details on gift giving and is in this document.

Information is also there on how to get in touch if you would like to participate in the gift giving.

Thank you..

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