I love to hear from the teens

On this episode of the DCFYI Digest, we spoke with Marina about how impactful sponsoring Establishing Roots can be.

DCFYI: How did you find out about DCFYI, and can you introduce yourself?

Marina: I'm Marina. I live in D.C. with my husband and our puppy. I found DCFYI because I've always had a spot in my heart for kids in foster care. I wanted to find a way to get involved. I was looking, doing a Google search and I came across DCFYI and thought that they were doing really incredible work. I reached out to Susan and we connected. Very shortly after that, I actually ended up moving to Georgia for a new job, but I wanted to stay connected with DCFYI and have been a donor since then.

DCFYI: How did you find out about the fundraiser Establishing Roots?

Marina: Honestly, I'm not sure. I mean, like I said, I've stayed connected with DCFYI for all these years. When we moved back to D.C. about two years ago, I knew about the fundraiser, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

DCFYI: So, what does the fundraiser mean to you since you've gotten involved with it?

Marina: The fundraiser is truly a wonderful way to bring together a community of people who care about these things and to care about the work that DCFYI is doing and wants to support that. For me, being a sponsor and actually last year my company sponsored as well, it means this fundraiser getting up for another year of making a truly deep and important impact on these teens’ lives.

DCFYI: Do you have a favorite part of the fundraiser?

Marina: One thing that I think is great about the fundraiser is, it's an opportunity to get other people in my life involved with DCFYI. I invited a group of friends to come out to the fundraiser. And it's great when I see their reactions, like when they learn more about DCFYI they're always really touched by the importance of the impact and seeing their interest in supporting it is also great for me. So that's kind of a fun thing for me for every fundraiser.

DCFYI: What do you think is the biggest impact that the fundraiser has?

Marina: For me, personally, I just love to hear from the teens, hear about their experience working with DCFYI and the impact it's hard for them.

DCFYI: If someone was wondering if they should come, what would you say to them or how would you try to convince them that they should attend the fundraiser?

Marina: I'd say you should go. It's a joy to be around these teens, around the volunteers and all these other people that come together to support them. Aside from that, the auction is fun. The food is delicious, and it's a great way to help DCFYI execute its mission.

DCFYI: Anything else that you would want to add about DCFYI or the fundraiser at all?

Marina: It’s been really meaningful for me to be involved in DCFYI. Even just in the way that I have been able to be involved these years as a donor. I would encourage anyone who is interested and cares about teens and foster care to be a part of DCFYI any way that you can be, whether that's volunteering, donating or anything else.

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