Mentors, Host Parents, Adoptive Parents needed!

Recently, Family & Youth Initiative has received many new teen referrals - teens who are lost in foster care without adult support, even one who is days away from aging out with no real plan in place. We are grateful that social workers (and others) are referring new teens because they see the impact we have on the lives of teens. 

But the reality is that we need more mentors, host families and adoptive families to meet the needs of teens being referred.

Family & Youth Initiative IS the adults who volunteer – people who have created a nurturing community that supports teens in foster care. We would never have gotten this far without so many incredibly generous people - who give of their time, who support us financially, and who talk to others both about DCFYI and the DCFYI teens.

Now is the perfect time to join with those volunteers and become a DCFYI volunteer yourself.

Perhaps you started the process to volunteer with us but did not think it was the right time or were not sure you could make this commitment. Perhaps you never intended to volunteer directly. Perhaps you have thought about volunteering but have just not taken that first step.

Now is the perfect time to: get involved, take that next step, and/or tell others about Family & Youth Initiative.

Why is this the perfect time?

  • Because there are wonderful teens who need caring adults like you in their lives.
  • Because we (DCFYI) are adding capacity so we can better support both adults and teens and increase the number of teens we serve.
  • Because the future depends on the next generation and collectively we can help today's teens and change the future.

Please contact us if you need DCFYI materials to share with others or know of opportunities for us to present about DCFYI and teens who need family. Please sign up for orientation or join us for upcoming events if you want to get more involved. Have questions? We are just a phone call or email away. 

Thank you.


Join us!

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