My Mentor

I met my mentor at a St. Patrick's Day event & the theme was green (lol). We just clicked it seemed; we made three green desserts together & since then we've been inseparable.

I knew David was the right mentor for me because we both share love for a lot of the same things and once we started communicating it was like I had found someone who finally understands me & can alter my thinking in a positive way.

Our relationship developed over time but David has a way of taking the little things that I love to do and incorporating them with new things, and also with things I wasn't really fond of. We both have a love for food so we would grab a bite to eat and then he'd pull out his books while we're eating and study me in math. He had a way of making the things I hated most actually understandable and fun. We developed with ease; I could talk to David when I was feeling like I didn't have a voice. I could go to him for a "pick me up" when I was feeling down & when I couldn't trust anyone he stuck around and got to know me and now I can't think of a person I trust more.

I was so comfortable with David because he was always welcoming, he never judged (even if he disagreed or did not approve). He showed me what a truly healthy relationship should look like and that earned me over more than even I knew.

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