Physical, not Social, Distancing

Someone pointed out that what we need right now is physical, not social, distancing. In times of uncertainty, we need - even more than usual - to feel connected to others. 

That resonated both on a personal level and for Family & Youth Initiative. Our program is all about creating connections and community, both of which start when we bring the DCFYI teens and adults together. We don't often cancel a planned weekend event. Canceling our March events was hard; knowing that we will probably cancel many more events in the weeks (or months) ahead is much harder.

At the same time, there is so much to be grateful for - first and foremost, everyone who has stepped up. Not surprisingly, DCFYI volunteers continue to support teens - staying in touch, reassuring, educating (including debunking the inaccurate coronavirus information being shared on social media), continuing to help with school and scholarship applications, and making sure teens know they are not alone. Many others have asked what they can do or offered any help we might need. 

We always say the DCFYI community is the most amazing group of people. Difficult times like these document how true that is. 

Thank you for helping make this incredible community possible. It is only because of you that DCFYI teens have support they need, now more than ever.

At some point, we will reinstitute full programming. For now, we are doing our part to "flatten the curve" - working from home and not holding group activities (whether orientation sessions, trainings, or events).

We continue to support DCFYI participants (some of whom are home from school indefinitely, others continue to go to work, those in food service wondering how long before their jobs disappear). Depending upon how long this goes, we may try virtual events. It won't be the same but it would be a way to stay connected.  

We look forward to being able to bring the DCFYI community together again in person. Until then, stay safe and stay in touch!

And as always, thank you for your support. Thank you for joining us for program or fundraising events, telling others about DCFYI and the amazing teens we serve, contributing, and for giving teens love and "family." 

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