Plans for 2017

As members of the Board of Directors of Family & Youth Initiative, we are often in the background. You may see us at the annual Establishing Roots fundraiser or at a volunteer appreciation event. However, many of us aren’t long-time volunteers, mentors, or host parents and in fact, some of us have only been to a few DCFYI events.

Although we may not be as visible as other DCFYI volunteers, our service to the organization ensures that DCFYI has resources so staff and program volunteers can do the important work of building connections that help DCFYI youth thrive. The board has both an oversight and fiduciary responsibility to ensure that teens in our program are receiving the support they need and that we are fulfilling our mission to help “teens in foster care make lifelong connections with caring adults.”

At our 2016 retreat, the Board of Directors outlined some initiatives we will take in the coming year to ensure resources, provide oversight, and set direction. In 2017 we plan to:

  1. Engage in a strategic planning process that will result in clearly expressed shared vision for the organization and a road map that guides the organization’s work for the next 3 years.
  2. Ensure resources through board fundraising.
  3. Identify measurable standards to ensure we are providing effective programs and services that have high impact on program participants.
  4. Ensure policies and procedures are in place to maintain and ensure the perpetuity of the organization.

We welcome your feedback and welcome new members to our committees: Fundraising, Communications, Programming, Board Development. If you are interested please contact Susan Punnett, Executive Director, and she can direct you to the contact for each committee."

From a member of the DCFYI Board of Directors

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