Talking about Adoption

A few years ago, I co-wrote an opinion piece on the need for adoptive families for teens in foster care. It ran in the Washington Post and then got picked up by papers across the country. We hoped it would lead to more teen adoptions so I was excited when new volunteers joined DCFYI after they read the piece.

Recently I heard from a social worker in California who wanted me to know she had read the piece and it had inspired her to adopt:

It has been the most incredible journey. Filled with up's and down's. To say the least it has been a wild adventure. Our family has changed. We are stronger. We are beautiful. My daughter is amazing...She is doing amazing. She has changed me, my family, and our community....
I am sharing this with you, because you changed my life. Your article encouraged me to take the step. To be willing to adopt a teen. To take the most amazing adventure. I want to encourage you. Sometimes, we write something or speak somewhere and we never know if it moved someone, or changed anything. I want you to know you did! I was changed! I was encouraged! My daughter has a forever home and she is a new person! I wish you could meet her.

Her email absolutely made my day. And yes, encouraged and reminded me that we never know how our words or actions may inspire others. 

So will you join me? Will you talk to at least one person about teens in foster care, share an article or blog post or book that inspired you, or invite someone to join you for a DCFYI event? You never know what will result. Perhaps another teen will find family because of events you set in motion.

Thank you and happy National Adoption Month.

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