Thank you Davion

You may remember Davion, the brave fifteen year old who three and a half years ago spoke before a church congregation about his desire to be adopted.

His story went viral, perhaps introducing many to the reality of teens in foster care still waiting for family.

Davion's case worker received numerous inquiries and an adoptive family was identified but that placement did not work out.

Davion did not give up. His next ask was to his long-time adoption specialist and this time she was ready to say yes. Davion's adoption was finalized two years ago.

Davion and his mom were back in the news this week on the two year anniversary of his adoption, sharing their story.

I love Davion's story for a number of reasons: that he has raised awareness by being so open; that like DCFYI teens he is resilent and did not give up hoping or asking (even when the first family was not the right fit); and of course that he and his mom got to know each other comfortably and build their relationship at their own pace (much like DCFYI adults and teens).

Thank you Davion!

Still spreading awareness

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