In their own words . . .

National Volunteer Week gives us the opportunity to thank the incredible DCFYI volunteers who give so much of themselves and have such an impact on the lives of teens in foster care.  Hear from some DCFYI youth as they pass along their appreciation to our volunteers for providing crucial support and consistency:

"[My mentors] are both really nice! They've been supporting me for awhile now and I really like them. They have been there since I was in high school. They helped me get through some tough times."

"Shout out to Susannah, the best mentor in the world, you've taught me a lot and also always gave me hope. Thanks for being a good role model to me."

"They are both such amazing and caring human beings. Although they don't have to, they take the time to make sure that everyone feels safe and welcomed. I am so very appreciative of them, and happy to have, what I feel to be...A LIFE LONG BOND!!"

"I love Judith and David; they are the best. I really appreciate that they take out the time to listen to all my problems (knowing that I might talk their ears off lol) and that they are just caring people in general."

"There are so many characteristics that I could use to describe Megan. But if I had to start with one, it would be compassion. Her compassion is like the moon that illuminates the sky. Her ability to be understanding and to listen in order to help those around her is what makes her such a wonderful person. I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand her grace and generosity in my own time of need. And I have also been fortunate to form a wonderful friendship with her over the past six years which is why I am thrilled to contribute to appreciation week."

Amazing volunteers are the backbone of our community!

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