Why Davon and Eden are thankful for DCFYI!

Davon is giving thanks for still being alive. “I had a very difficult time for many years in the foster system and trauma growing up. I am thankful for having Ms. Eden and Ms. Susan because they are like mother figures to me. I am also thankful for DCFYI because they come up with great solutions even for people who have aged out.”

Eden is giving thanks for Davon. “For Davon getting himself straight so I see him regularly instead of worrying about him. For finding reasons to stick around in someone’s life when the easiest path is to leave. For the value of connecting and building a relationship with someone who on the surface is very different from me. It helps us both. Our paths would not have crossed if not for DCFYI.”

Eden and Davon were matched in 2013. Their relationship just continues to grow!


In honor of Thanksgiving, we are doing a story campaign, “Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships,” where we highlight what DCFYI youth are thankful for!

Want to impact the life of a youth in foster care as Davon's mentor, Eden, has done for him? Let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships 2020

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