Why Dayar is thankful for DCFYI!

"I’m very thankful for DCFYI creating my forever family!!

"Entering foster care at the age of 6…I always dreamed that I would be adopted. As I grew older the idea seemed to fade. But DCFYI facilitated my community of family, which became the light to a dream that was once dimmed because of my advancing age. Through DCFYI I met and found my beloved adoptive mother along with my forever family and community of extended relatives in the process.

"I’m very thankful that a childhood dream was not dimmed just because I was older. So I’m very thankful for DCFYI for being my light at the end of the tunnel of foster care.

I have my forever family."


Dayar's story is what DCFYI is all about, helping teens in foster care find adoptive families and make other lifelong connections with caring adults.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we are doing a story campaign, “Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships,” where we highlight what DCFYI youth are thankful for!

Want to impact the life of a youth in foster care as Dayar's mother, Leah, has done for him? Let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships 2020

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