It took me sometime to pick what I wanted to talk about. I think I want to talk about how foster kids have voices too!! I talked to a lot of kids in the system and it’s sad because they give up on being heard. They feel like no one has their back or is going to be there for them; they give up everything, questioning why they’re still trying.

I know that because I was one of them kids. I gave up on being heard because I thought no one believed in me. I kept quiet and didn't speak on things that hurt me. I let everything soak in like I was a sponge. I let people walk all over me without saying a word because I was scared to be heard. I sat around and cried because I was scared to step up and say something. Until one day I got tired of sitting in my room crying. I took a stand. I made it so people would hear me. If my social worker didn't listen I would go to her boss and so on and so on.

The point I'm trying to get to is that foster kids have voices but some of them are so scared to open up and let their voices be heard. Some are scared just to be a foster kid. Some are scared to speak up because they will be labeled and judged for being a foster kid. Some are scared because of what their foster parents might do. Or how it’s gonna affect their placement.

It shouldn't be like that. Foster kids should be able to speak freely just like any other person walking on this earth.

Learning to Speak UP

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