Why Hamilton is thankful for DCFYI, Day 2

"I’m thankful for Mrs. Susan. A lot of people who age out in the DCFYI program know how impactful Mrs. Susan is to the community.

Mrs. Susan and her husband in the past have come out to help me polish my shoes and go out shopping. Mrs. Susan also gave me advice and money management skills. She picked me up from school when I had no one to come pick me up.

The program overall is great because they help people who age out. The foster care system throws you into the real world when you are of age and the DCFYI program helps people like me because they stay in contact with you and help you get the help you need.

Susan and DCFYI helped with my transitional progress. The best thing someone can help with in the foster care system is to make the transition process smoother."

Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships 2020

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