Why Shalini is thankful for DCFYI!

“I have been a part of the program for three years, four years maybe. I was in foster care, but I am currently staying with my dad now out of the system, but I still receive DCFYI services. I have two mentors. Ms. Angie is out of town right now. Mr. Mark has been my other mentor for about a good seven, eight months so that’s good. I have great experiences with Mr. Mark.

"I have been to quite a few of the events, almost all of them. I like getting out and I don’t have a favorite one because they are all great. My favorite part about DCFYI is just interacting with other teens my age because I have social anxiety so it helps me a little bit better being around a whole bunch of people.

"I would say overall a lot of kids my age don’t like hanging with each other because of differences or like one and another may not get along. I feel like the work Ms. Susan does is so incredible by putting us together and taking the time out of her day to set up events for the teens to do outside of involving violence and stuff, positive things, and I think that's very good.”


In honor of Thanksgiving, we are doing a story campaign, “Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships,” where we highlight what DCFYI youth are thankful for!

Want to help a young person in foster care find community?  Let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

Giving Thanks for Lasting Relationships 2020

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