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Dear Friend of DCFYI:

Like us, you believe in the importance of connections. Whoever they are - friends, mentors, coaches, nuclear or extended family - we each have a community we rely on for support, advice, love. We can't imagine life without them.

Generous donations to Family & Youth Initiative has allowed teens in foster care find their own supportive communities, something many of them never experienced before.

Because of caring people like you, we have continued to bring together teens and adults so they could get to know each other and form what can become lasting relationships.

Three-legged race at the June "Fruit Olympics," just one of our 2015 adult-teen events.

Tanika and her DCFYI mentor Arynne first got to know each other at events.

Many DCFYI teens now have "people" - mentors, adults to help with homework and college applications, friends who are also in foster care and understand all that entails, and a broader community of caring adults.

Some teens have found adoptive families. 

Other teens are still on a journey to finding adoptive families. Maybe that family is someone they have already met and are getting to know. Maybe it is someone they will meet at an upcoming DCFYI event. 

Your donation to DCFYI means more teens in foster care will be able to participate with Family & Youth Initiative and find their own people - the mentors, supportive DCFYI community, and adoptive families who continue to support, advise, love, and otherwise change the lives of DCFYI teens.

Your donation today will be matched by a generous friend of DCFYI, making your support go twice as far.

Will you support DCFYI and help one more teen in foster care find the family and community that each of us needs in our lives?

Thank you.

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