What do the "teens" think about volunteers?

Cierra answers questions from a new volunteer:
  1. What do the "teens" think about volunteers? Who do they think we are? What do they think is our motivation for approaching them?
We "teens" think that volunteers are people who saw a need to invest in the future of "at risk" youth who have little to no support. We believe that volunteers are the few people who choose to be a part our lives and expose us to the best life we could have with no strings attached. We believe the motivations for volunteers are helping to save, preserve, and brighten a youth's life.
  1. Is that as true at first? Or does that assessment change once teens start to get to know volunteers?
I think it sorta depends on the age and maturity of the "teen." We as teens have a conscious thought pattern that volunteers are here to help. Once the teen starts to develop a relationship with you that's when they actually can start to trust the volunteers.
When I first started with the program I didn't even think about mentors initially. It was the one time of month where we got to go on outings and do things we've never done before. It wasn't until I started actually seeing mentors over many events that I got comfortable and began to interact with the mentors.



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