Why Charay is thankful for DCFYI!

“At first I thought DCFYI was just another program pretending to have a passion for helping kids. On my first event in 2015 I immediately knew they were more and really had the passion for it. They welcome every teen with open hearts and arms, it was a different environment. I can say I am really thankful to have been introduced to DCFYI. It was always a good escape from some of the bad foster homes I’ve been in. And for that I’m thankful.

Why Hamilton is thankful for DCFYI!

Hamilton was once in foster care and now that he’s an adult he still stays in touch!

"The program overall is something to be thankful for. My favorite part would be how the program connects youth with mentors and sometimes even connects mentors with other mentors or connects youth with other youth. You can gain something from each other.

My favorite memory would be giving my speech at one of the DCFYI fundraising events. I spoke about how for me I don’t really have just one mentor because everyone at DCFYFI is my mentor. At different points, someone contributed.


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