Why Dayar is thankful for DCFYI!

"I’m very thankful for DCFYI creating my forever family!!

"Entering foster care at the age of 6…I always dreamed that I would be adopted. As I grew older the idea seemed to fade. But DCFYI facilitated my community of family, which became the light to a dream that was once dimmed because of my advancing age. Through DCFYI I met and found my beloved adoptive mother along with my forever family and community of extended relatives in the process.

Why Leslie is thankful for DCFYI!

“I have been part of the program since 2017. My top two favorite things about DCFYI are that I met my mentor Maggs and she is so helpful; she helps me with everything. The second is the other youth I've met, I have made some great friends through the program.

"Before Covid-19 I went to some of the events like the Birthday and Christmas ones. The last one I went to was right before Covid-19. I like to go to DCFYI events to see certain people I have met through the program. My favorite event is kickball, I love kickball.