DCFYI Documentary Wins Film Festival!

DCFYI was truly blessed this past weekend to be one of Stone Soup Films' Doc in a Day mini-documentary subjects.  We were selected a while ago. The filming happened Saturday, with the videographers/documentarians spending time at the Barracks Row Festival, where DCFYI had a booth, and at an event afterwards with our teens.  Executive Director Susan Punnett spoke about the program and the teens, as did long-time volunteer, mentor, and host parent Sarah Buckbee, and an adoptive mom: me!

Every child should get family vacations

Summer family vacations are the best. It is a time to have fun, bond with family, and enjoy the beach / outdoors. Unfortunately, I didn't get to experience many family vacations growing up as a foster care youth. My foster parents did not take me, the foster child, along for family vacations. Instead I was placed in another foster home to wait for their return. It certainly sent a horrible message to me as a child that in many ways I was not a part of the family. Otherwise, I'd be at the beach too.