We're Seven!

October 2010. We were a program without a home or a name (let alone funding).

In retrospect, it seems a bit crazy to think we could start a new organization and make it last.


Labor Day and the start of school makes us think about rituals.

School has its own flow and rhythm of course but so do many other aspects of our lives.

The Difficult Dance of A Child Moving Out, Moving On, Moving Up to Adulthood

Fall is a tough time for any parent of a teen (let's face it, all four seasons are tough for most parents of teens! ; )   But for those whose children will head off to college - or a job elsewhere - or the military - August is a rough month.  We try to brace ourselves for the onset of loneliness, of missing our 'baby,' of having to live with not knowing if they're home by midnight, by 2am, even by 6am!  We have to let go of all of our protective tendencies and inclinations.