“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others--”-Pablo

I know I talk a lot about the difference one person can make in a teen’s life, and it may sound kind of corny, but it’s true. One person can truly make a significant impact on another person’s life and to help persuade you I came prepared with quotes, an old folk tale, as well as facts and an example.

Mother's Day

I want to wish a happy Mother's Day to all mothers as today is a day to celebrate mothers - all mothers. But I also want to wish all a day of healing and hope, as today is not always a happy day.  Because if I am to be blunt and honest right now, I have to tell you that Mother's Day has not been the happiest or easiest day in my life....ever, not even today.  And my assumption is for many children in foster care or who have been adopted, it is not an easy day filled with just happiness either.

The Tough Truth

The most basic hard truth of adoption I can share with anyone is "adoption is wonderful and is not easy." Sometimes, but not always, love is not enough. Many say adopt a child and love them and they will heal; but one of the biggest struggles I hear from other adoptive moms is that they were never told that just loving a child from a hard place may not be enough. So I want to share some of the hard truths we have faced in our home when we need to do more than just love our little blessing.